The company acDevSoftware company has been officialized in 2004, but exists since 1998. It markets, amongst other things, a scientifical visualization software developed at the Université of Neuchâtel by the founder of acDevSoftware (see also History). It established, to promote this software, a collaboration contract with this same university.
The goals acDevSoftware company is specialized in the development of software solutions in the industrial and scientifical fields. It develops and sells the acZoomIn software that allows to visualize scalar, vectorial or any data in 3 dimensions in a given spatial time. It also proposes its services of mandates and consulting based on its tested experience and know-how in software development in above mentioned fields.
The team The team is formed of several people, namely, Alain Conod, CEO, and collaborator (technical), who associated their respective skills to provide the products and services of acDevSoftware.