acTelerikStylesAssembly (07.04.2015), v1.9
Copyright (c) 2012-2015 acDevSoftware

1.9 (22.05.2015):
1.8 (07.04.2015):
  • New:
    • Use Telerik.Web.UI.dll, 2014.3.1209.
    • Added the RadDataForm, RadUploadProgressArea, RadTreeMap and RadWizard controls.
1.7 (21.06.2014):
  • New:
    • Added lastest version of Telerik.Web.UI.dll, 2014.2.618, taken in account.
    • Added the RadDiagram, RadGantt, RadImageGallery, RadMap and RadPageLayout controls.
1.6 (21.10.2013):
  • New:
    • Added lastest version of Telerik.Web.UI.dll, 2013.3.1015, taken in account.
    • Added the Telerik RadCloudUpload, RadLightBox, RadMediaPlayer controls.
    • Added Clear Logging button to clear all log texts.
  • Fix:
    • Change RadProgressArea base control from RadUpload to RadProgressArea.
    • Add RadBaseTile control.
    • Add RadLinearGauge, RadRadialGauge controls (these controls don't have any .css files, for future use).
1.5 (17.06.2013):
  • New:
    • Added lastest version of Telerik.Web.UI.dll, 2013.2.611, taken in account.
    • Added the Telerik RadTileList control.
    • Added mime types for file.cur and file.ico: image/x-icon.
  • Fix:
    • Test/, Test/ and Test/ have been generated with lasted Telerik StyleBuilder application: 28.03.2013 (Telerik.Web.UI.dll: 2013.1.411).
    • The value of field "Telerik Dll Path" is directly taken in account when an assembly is generated, without saving into the config xml file.
1.4 (19.04.2013):
  • New:
    • Added lastest version of Telerik.Web.UI.dll, 2013.1.417, taken in account.
    • Added in Main Window the optional field "Telerik Dll Path" that can be filled with the path of the "Telerik.Web.UI.dll" used by acTelerikStylesAssembly. This field is saved in the acTelerikStylesAssembly.xml file by the button "Save Settings".
  • Fix:
    • The "../Common/..." path was not correctly handled if sub folders were included in the path, like "../Common/Grid/...".
    • The loading from Application folder of "Telerik.Web.UI.dll" was not correctly handled if a empty <TelerikWebUIPath> was given in acTelerikStylesAssembly.exe.config or acTelerikStylesAssembly.xml file (reported by Samuel Chou).
1.3 (09.04.2013):
  • New:
    • Added the Telerik RadDropDownList, RadDropDownTree, RadSearchBox controls, version 2013.1.403.
1.2 (23.07.2012):
  • New:
    • Added the Telerik RadAutoCompleteBox, RadChart, RadHtmlChart and RadPivotGrid controls.
    • Added the F section to describe how to create a zipped Telerik skin by hand to be used by acTelerikStylesAssembly.
  • New:
    • Added the possibility to load the Telerik.Web.UI.dll with a UNC path.
    • Added the property "AssemblyCulture" in acTelerikStylesAssembly.exe.config to set the culture of the generated skins assembly (example: en, fr-FR). If empty, no culture is set.
  • Fix:
    • Some Telerik base skins have file references like "../Common/..." that were not taken in account. Now, acTelerikStylesAssembly changes "../Common/..." to "Common/..". (this problem occurs only if Style Builder Telerik Application is not used to create zipped skin files, ie by "hands")
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